Heavens Road: 4

Su Lou had played Heavens Road for a long time, and had read about it even more, but she had never, in her entire experience of the game heard of the ‘Celestial’ character species. Was this different? Or had no one ever decided to hold the stars before?

Either way there was nothing to be done. Su Lou couldn’t see any of her stats and abilities, but when she got into the game she would, so for now she just looked at the eight ‘starting towns’ with a reminiscent smile. 

Ravens borough, blue cloud peak, shadow gorge, the ninety sixth ghost tribe, the dark beast forest, dragon peak or the Phoenix volcano? In her past life Su Lou had been sent straight to Ravens borough  without a choice, but further into the game she had travelled everywhere. Including all of these villages. Except…

‘The seventh star.’

Su Lou had neither seen nor heard of this place, but she knew the game was giving her a choice. Start safe? Or gamble? Without the game knowing it Su Lou already knew every one of these towns like the back of her hand, but this new town was different. It could turn out well, it could cripple her. In the end all she had to do was, hopefully, take a leap of faith. 

“Send me to the seventh star” 

“Acknowledged. In three hours and forty minutes you will leave this realm and arrive at the seventh star. Would you like to make any changes?”


“Would you like to see your character?”



A light flashed, and standing in front of Su Lou was a tall figure, the same long, wavy hair as herself, the same pale skin, the same determined expression… The only difference was the eyes. The startlingly and piercingly blue eyes that seemed almost omnicient, and most certainly mysterious. Su Lou looked at those eyes, her eyes, and suddenly she believed that maybe things would be less difficult than she thought. 

“Log out.” She whispered

The screen went dark, and Su Lou pulled off her helmet with a giddy smile before grabbing herself something to eat and working out for a little under an hour. She didn’t know when, but exercise and skills out of game had become as important as those in game. It was something about the way that every movement in game was controlled by the player, that made her realise that the more she could control herself in real life, the more she could control herself in the game, too. 

Eventually enough time had passed, and there was twenty minutes left until launch, so Su Lou pulled on her helmet and waited as she watch the clock, waiting to see something she had only ever seen on video. The opening of Heavens Road. 


Heavens Road: 3

“User name… Accepted. Welcome to Heavens  Road. It is on this path that you will experience hardships and achievements, slay gods and devil, achieve the highest skills in long forgotten arts and possibly, just maybe, reach the apex of the universe. Time until launch: Four hours and nine minutes. Would you like to edit your appearance?”

“No” Last time Su Lou had spent hours on changing her looks, creating a silvery and divine goddess that was completely different from her usually black hair and eyed looks. This time Su Lou would rise to the apex, not just her character. 

“Would you like to pick your race?”


Light flashed on the screen, and Su Lou found herself in a swirling mist of stars and celestial bodies, beneath her a plane that was still coming into creation, star by star and element by element. In front of her were just under ten statues, each looking either extremely beautiful, deadly or both. The first, naturally was the human base character, which she had chosen last time for its average abilities and no massive weaknesses. As soon as Su Lou focused on the human the stars surrounding the character coalesced to form etherial words, telling of the characters base stats and abilities. Su Lou looked at the familiar faces, and let out a barking laugh. Humanity, the Deity race, the Devil race, the Ghost tribes, the Beast kin, Dragon collective and Phoenix descendants. These eight races each had their own merits and abilities, and last time she played Su Lou had chosen the humanity race without a thought, not caring about any of the other races.  This time Su Lou once again didn’t bother to look at all the characters, but instead, with the thirty minutes she was allowed to stay in this space realm, looked up into the sky in thought, watching an exploding star with an understand gaze. Be born, age, die, and come back from the ashes of your fate. Su Lou looked at the constant rebirth of this star as the creators of the game tested its physics with a unique understanding towards its state of being. From the moment Su Lou booted up this game she knew she would once again choose the human form, because despite her wide to be something different than last time no other race had as much adaptability and suited her playing style. Su Lou stared at these celestial moons and sun and rock, flying through space with a wry gaze, and reached her hand up to that star that had reminded her so much as herself. 

“Celestial character species selected, which town would you like to set down in?”

Wait. What?


Heavens Road: 2

Where is this place? Didn’t I already die?
S Lou felt as if she were in a dream—having a sort of illusory sensation. There was no pain, no injuries from what she could tell.
What’s going on?
Didn’t I lose a lot of blood? Su Lou vaguely recalled being hit by a car, and she vaguely remembered blood coming out of numerous cuts on her skin, but now?
Don’t tell me… Was getting fired all just a nightmare?
Why did it feel so real?
How do I determine what is real, and what is a dream?
Su Lou surveyed her surroundings with a hint of doubt. There were just too many questions left unanswered.
Within the dim lighting, there was a neat, plain wooden bed, chair and desk. On the wall was a clock, and the time said 08:03
It was as if her past memories were stored in an old photo album, and they slowly began opening up.
This room here feels so familiar. Isn’t this the house I lived in when I was in high school?
Through the gap in the window curtains, sunlight shone in. Su Lou felt a stinging sensation as the sunlight entered her eyes, causing her pupils to quickly contract. This was a type of dazzling awakening into reality.
I’m still alive… Su Lou stretched her right hand forward. She gazed at its tenderness and slight immaturity with shock. 
I… What’s going on here? Am I myself from years in the past, or am I myself from the years in the future? Su Lou scratched her hair in great bewilderment.
Aligning her train of thought, a few fragments from her  memories began emerging. Gradually, they became clearer and distinct.
This was the year she turned sixteen. It was in this summer that Su Lou had had an accident in her room, banging her head and almost having to go to hospital. 
Is it possible? Have I really returned to that time?
I can start all over again from the beginning?
Su Lou’s current emotional state was hard to describe; pleasant surprise and excitement was mixed with the anxiousness of not knowing what had happened.
climbing out of her bed to open the window curtains Su Lou blinked as rays of scalding sunlight released their scorching heat onto her skin. The sensation clearly informed her that at present, she truly wasn’t dreaming.
Su Lou bent her head down to see that beside the windowsill lay her textbooks, arranged neatly on the table: advanced mathematics, chemistry, biology etcetera etcetera. 
Su Lou flipped open a few pages. The familiar characters were like a clear stream. Along with her past memories, they rejuvenated her chaotic mind.
Su Lou believed herself to have died and never expected time to play a joke on her, returning her to the summer vacation of her final year st school. When she thought of this, tears began filling her eyes.The Heavens had given her another chance. She would absolutely never become confused and act stupidly again.
Su Lou looked at the calendar at the wall, and her eyes opened widely. 
What good luck is this? 
The date on the calendar said that it was the 19th of august, 2022. 

The day before Heavens Road was released!
In her original life it was only after Su Lou entered college that she was finally introduced to the game by her best friend, and by that time a couple of months had already passed. By then, many people were already at a very high level. Su Lou had worked hard despite this, but it was only by joining Iridescent Heart she had gotten the equipment and recourses to catch up to everyone else. 

The most unforgettable moments in Su Lou’s life had come from the time she’d spent on Heavens road. She had come to know so many friends in that game. Even if they had betrayed her later on. 
Su Lou suddenly recalled there was a bank card containing all her savings in the drawer.
She had the money to buy a Virtual Reality helmet! 
Pulling open the drawer Su Lou pulled out a blue bank card from the corner of the drawer, and If she recalled correctly, the amount of money stored inside her bank account should be around three to four thousand credits; one credit the equivalent of one pound.  
It didn’t mean much now, but Su Lou knew that after a few months with how many people were using gods road the potential for profit was immense. Everything from in game currency to items and even player avatars were worth a fortune. Most of the pro-players of gods road could become millionaires within a fortnight. 
Su Lou was sixteen years old this year. However, she possessed the soul of her twenty-eight-year-old self. Everything would once again start anew. From henceforth, a new chapter in her life would open up. However, without money, she wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything. So, she would start from the game. Using her prior experiences of the game, becoming a professional gamer and earning a little bit of money was a very simple affair.
Despite not paying enough attention in class to get good grades, Su Lou had a nearly perfect memory. It would not be difficult to put that into application. 
Placing her bank card within her pocket Su Lou headed out of her house, walking steadily to the department store to get a VR helmet, a Heavens Road card and a card reader (using over half of his money.)

“So expensive…” 

Su Liu pulled on her VR model A headset, which was actually the best one on the market and had cost more than everything else put together. Times two. After that he hand flicked her new character card into the slot, and started configuring her character settings. 

“Welcome to heavens Road, player…?”

Su Lou paused, with the words iridescent heart lingering in her mind before she let out a sigh. From the moment she had risen from the ashes of her old life Su Lou had decided to be different. It was time to show that. 

“Nirvana. Nirvana Phoenix.”

Heavens Road: 1

My first books begins! I don’t know how long it’ll be, but it’s gonna be pretty freaking long, so strap in for the ride!


In the middle of a grand arena a man and woman faced each other, each with a seemingly legendary sword in hand. The woman was dressed in a silvery armour seemed to give off a radiant glow, and tongues of fire writhed across the mans as he stood valiantly, his aura spreading murderously across the stage yet not being able to touch the edge of the woman’s clothes. As she smiled the woman brandished her long, silver blade, and the man too raised his own almost blood soaked one in preparation. Sword light flashed, and the sound of metal on metal made a wonderful symphony, cut short by the sound of a blade piercing armour and flesh, tearing a hole in the mans heart. The fight continued as the woman proceeded to place even more holes in the mans flesh, eventually causing him to fall to the ground dead.
Smiling to herself as the player she had defeated gave a resigned congratulations, Su Lou was about to say a few words when the door of her room was suddenly pushed open with a bang. 
Su Lou didn’t turn her head as if she had been waiting for this moment, merely lifting off her VR goggles with that same smile, a smile with hidden bitterness and resignation.
“Arrived, Clair?”
The girl who had slammed open the door glared furiously at Su Lou, giving her already pretty features a sort of charm not many people saw. Her red hair shook over her heaving shoulders, and her dark black eyes flashed dangerously. Eventually Clair calmed down, and she gave a disdainful snort. 
“Yeah. They’re here.”
Su Lou gently removed her avatar card from the Heavens Road dedicated log-in device. She headed to the door and grabbed her coat from its hanger on the way out.
It had already been dark for hours, despite it being only six o’clock, but the Iridescent lights club was still brightly lit up. Su Lou and Clair  walked out of her room and took slow, steady steps to the end of the corridor. Located there was a spacious conference room; at the entrance, digital display screens  completely covered the walls. Some showed rankings and records, some showed video highlights and some showed player files that were extremely detailed. 
Ranking: Iridescent Light Battle Team ranked number 32 – Last Place.
The atmosphere in the room was somewhat friendly. The members of Iridescent Light were all gathered around one person as if they were stars surrounding the moon. They ignored Su Lou’s arrival and the ones that did notice swiftly  ignored  her with cold expressions full of mockery.
“Su Lou the club has already decided that the transfer member Jun Xie will take over your position as captain. From now on, she will be in control of Iridescent Heart.”
Iridescent Lights Club Manager saw the arrival of Su Lou and immediately turned his head to speak. Without bothering to say it tactfully, he heartlessly notified her of the loss of her life blood as if he was drinking water or boiling tea.
Clair opened her mouth angrily to speak, but Su Lou lightly shook her head, just smiling and nodding her head at her indicating that she wasn’t surprised.
“Sister Lou, I’m so sorry, on arriving, I just took your position.” Sitting in what should have been Su Lou as the captains seat at the conference table  Jun Xie casually sat there as she said these few words, her voice clear and beautiful to all who could hear it. Anyone who listened to  her tone would think that Jun Xie was truly apologetic, but in the end she barely even glanced at Su Lou, and there was a glimmer of an arrogant smirk in her beautifully black eyes.
“Ha ha, Sister Xie, with those words and your skill, this position will definitely suit you.” As soon as Jun Xie finished speaking everyone quickly hastened to suck up. 
“Right, some people are already old and out-of-date!”
“Iridescent Heart definitely should follow Sister Xie’s commands so that her abilities can truly be displayed!”
This was the focus that everyone payed attention to at this moment — Jun Xie, Heavens Road female genius player. In the last PVP tournament Jun Xie won the Most Outstanding Rookie title with her amazing skills and equipment, reaching fifteenth place in the overall standing for solo PvP. Most people expected her to rank high In the overall leader boards, but midway, she transferred to the collapsing Iridescent Light Club. Although their clubs accomplishments were terrible, they possessed a player who was regarded as a Goddess in Glory: Sword deity Iridescent Heart. 
Iridescent Lights members had actually shamelessly approached Jun Xie, who hadn’t even been a part of the Alliance for a year, and it was clear that she would be the future leader of the team. Jun Xie comfortably accepted their flattery and smiled, completely ignoring the Su Lou she thought as below her.
“Su Lou, hand over your account card for Iridescent Heart to Jun Xie!” Iridescent lights manager paid absolutely no attention to Su Lou’s feelings. As far as he was concerned she had long been worthless goods. 
Even if Su Lou was as calm as water before at this moment her heart couldn’t help but shake a bit. She and her avatar Iridescent Light, had accompanied each other for a full ten years, both player and character becoming both well known and deeply mysterious. Unfortunately eight years ago when she entered the professional circle Su Lou signed a business contract with the club and all the rights to Iridescent heart were transferred to the club. Su Lou had known that there would be a day they would separate and the day had finally arrived.
Su Lou’s fingers  trembled, and to a pro-player this was an extremely disgraceful thing. the quality of steady hands could not be ingrained any further into her body but right now Su Lou’s hands were trembling. Everyone took delight in her misfortune as Su Lou’s player card was handed over to Jun Xie.
Jun Xie’s eyes lit up with greed and desire. She had willingly transferred and joined the rubbish Iridescent Hearts Club in order to have this very player account. Iridescent Hearts former owner Su Lou’s achievements were not good in the last few years and she often broke out in arguments with the club. Jun Xie had 100% confidence in replacing her.
Mine! In the instant she retrieved the card, Jun Xie felt a burst of excitement and almost couldn’t stop herself from jumping up and down in joy.
Su Lou turned around and left, not taking even a second to look back. She left the conference room with a trembling heart, heading out of the building to look up at the whirling snow.
The sheets of white were so thick Su Lou couldn’t see further than the hands she waved in front of her face, and she couldn’t even tell what was road or pavement any more. This was probably why she didn’t see the car until it hit her, and she barely even felt the pain.
Am I about to die?


Hey there readers! So basically I’m probably going to be a site posting self written novels similar to Moonlight Sculpture, Emperor of solo play, SOTR etc. Hope you guys enjoy and ill try to update at least once every few days 🙂